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Background Check Info

Instructions for Volunteer Background Checks

 The following volunteers will need a background check:

  • Any person who will be in a position to supervise students without direct supervision of a teacher – this includes but is not limited to field trips, tutors, music lesson tutors, athletic volunteers,  or taking a group of students out of a classroom for groups or activities.
  • Any person who will be alone with students.

Volunteer background checks are no longer free of charge.  The fee is approximately $12.95 per volunteer.  If you wish to proceed, please click the link below and follow the instructions.

  • Enter your information (make sure your name and email are correct)
  • Select the building you are completing the background check at for your position
  • Complete all areas on the form that are required
  • Submit & Pay

 All schools will have a staff member who will have access to the volunteer database and can verify a clear background check.  It there is an issue with the background check that will affect the ability to volunteer, that volunteer will be notified.  This background check will be active for 2 years.