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Student Absences Attendance

The following guidelines are to keep our students and staff healthy and to facilitate communication between school and home.

  • Each day a student is absent from school, enter this information through the PickUp Patrol app.  If this information isn't reported by 10:00am each day of the absence, Skyward Messaging will send a notification via phone that your child's absence has not been recorded.
  • Any student arriving at school after the 9:00am bell or leaving early from school will be counted as "Tardy-Lost Instruction" unless an appointment card or doctor's note is presented to the office. Should you forget to get this document, simply have the information faxed to use at 317-885-4605.
  • Students should remain home if they have diarrhea, vomiting or an elevated temperature of 100 degrees or above. 
  • They may return to school once they have been diarrhea free, vomiting free or fever free for 24 hours. Temperature free is 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. 
  • Medication will not be given at school unless it's in the original container or package, tells the expiration date, and a signed parent permission note is on file.